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VoelkerComing to Dortmund for the international program turned out to be the best decision in my life.

I finished the Master in Automation and Robotics in 2007. I was the only German in my batch, which scared me in the beginning but coming to Dortmund for the international program turned out to be the best decision in my life. I came to know so many nice and intelligent people from all over the world. Although our background was from different technical subjects, different religions and cultures, we had a lot of fun together and a good support and cooperation within the whole group. It made me a better person and I already miss all my colleagues.

There is great variety in the subjects offered for the Automation and Robotics program. The fields of robotic, autonomous robots, and control theory are covered. There are also some lectures about related topics such as embedded systems, signal processing, and scheduling. I enjoyed the freedom in choosing my preferred subjects. Although some subjects are quite hard, they are interesting and worth the effort. In basically all lectures, the professors, lecturers, and assistants are technically well trained, very helpful, and supportive. Along with the subjects, there are some lab experiments such as programming an industrial Kuka robot, which was a lot of fun.

When I started the program, I was sure to follow the direction of industrial robots but the various lectures showed me that there are other interesting fields covered by the Automation and Robotics course. I finally decided to go for control theory. As I attended several lectures and did my Master's thesis at Prof. Engell's Process Control Laboratory, I would like to comment a bit on this chair. I attended the compulsory subject Control Theory and Applications. After this, I decided to take the chance to widen my control theory knowledge to a deeper understanding of classical control theory, logic control, and discrete and hybrid systems. Having attended several courses at the chair Process Control, I decided to join the group for my Master's thesis. It was an experience, I

will never forget. Although a lot is demanded and asked for, there is great help and support from the supervisors, Prof. Engell, and the whole rest of the group. The struggle and efforts are payed back by the outcome of the work and the fair grades, which applies for the thesis as well as for all subjects offered by the Process Control Laboratory. Hard and independent work is much appreciated. The members of of the Process Control group stem from a large variety of countries which made it very interesting for me. It also means that the main working language is English. The familiar atmosphere and the fun during the team events made me feel very comfortable during the seven months of my thesis. The program was one of the best times in my life. I will never forget it. Thank you!

Anna Völker, Germany








HuaThe last 3 years in Dortmund are full of challenges, happiness and also memorable.

As a graduated student from the master course “Automation and Robotics” at University of Dortmund in July 2007, the last 3 years in Dortmund are full of challenges, happiness and also memorable.

When I decided to shift to this master course, I was still wondering whether I have made a correct decision. Now I’d like to say, I have made a wise decision.

For those who have finished their Bachelor already and want to have a further education, master course would be a preferred choice. All the students have the same mandatory courses. After that you can choose the elective modules, with which you have more interest.

You can imagine, people from different corners of the world, have different culture, met in this campus and sat in the same hall, began a new campus life together. We got to know each other, we brought our knowledge and experiences to the new collective, and we had parties. Life and study became inseparable. The atmosphere cannot be better.

I have chosen Robotics as my specialization. During the study I have had the related lectures and experiments, which gave me a general understanding of industry and robots. I have chosen a practical thesis topic of robotics, which is a robot application case in industry. The seniors of our course introduced me this topic and I took this topic, which is benefit from knowledge from the lectures and experiments. After the master course, some colleagues have got the chance to do a PhD at University of Dortmund, some people do their PhD in other cities or countries, and some colleagues are working Germany in industry areas, many are working overseas around the world. I am still in Dortmund, working as an engineer in automatic control department. I would like to say, “See you in Dortmund!”. We have different past, we were once in the same campus, and we left it someday, live in different corner of the world, but the same memories we have had here, in Dortmund, in Germany will always be there.

Juanjuan Hua, China







SubbiahAs days moved by, the friendly environment inside the university and a safe and sound atmosphere outside the university slowly started building self-confidence inside me.

I completed my master of science on May 2006 specializing in process automation. It is really a great opportunity to present my views and the experiences that I encountered as a student in Germany.

Imagine a small kid who rides a cycle with his/her parents watching her back all the time is suddenly left all alone with a bike and asked to ride in a highway. I felt the same way as the kid when I landed and placed my foot for the first time in Germany, but I wasn't the only one to feel that way and there were also a few other students who felt the same. But as days moved by, the friendly environment inside the university and a safe and sound atmosphere outside the university slowly started building self-confidence inside me. I also had the chance to make many new friends from different part of the world thereby giving an opportunity to work in a multi-cultural environment.

The system or methodology of teaching in Germany was completely different from what I personally experienced in my country. Through the courses I attended here in Uni -Dortmund I felt the structure/style of teaching always tries to build a concrete bridge between the concepts in theory and its implementations in real life, which I firmly believe to be an important aspect that an engineer should consider. I would say the most important part of my life as a master student was the sixseven months period in which I did my master thesis. Hot discussions with my

mentors Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Panek and Dr. Olaf Stursberg increased the passion towards the topic of research that I carried out during my thesis. Effective suggestions and motivation from my supervisor Prof. Engell helped me to complete the thesis with a good result. The flexible and friendly environment in the process control laboratory is also another important aspect that helped me to finish my thesis with ease. With no doubt I would say that my life as a student in Dortmund has really moulded me to a better shape in terms as a better engineer and also a responsible person with self-confidence.

Subanatarajan Subbiah, India










DandachiTo put it simply: I am now a better engineer!

I am a graduate from the master program Automation and Robotics. I would like to orient this message to those considering pursuing a master degree. I was a graduate from a Syrian university and a working engineer for 3 years in Saudi Arabia when I came to Germany. I can’t honestly describe how much knowledge and experience I earned from my master study not only in a pure scientific level but also in a human and personal level, simply I am now a better engineer. I had been exposed to a new organized way of thinking and I learned how to tackle problems more efficiently. In these two years in Germany I learned how good hearted and humbled are Germans, and in the same time how smart dedicated and organized they are. If you are wondering what is Universität Dortmund policy for international students: It is simply ”we will provide you with any thing to help you learn”. I did my master thesis at the Process Control Laboratory and that as the most distinguished experience in my study; the staff is highly knowledgeable and more importantly helpful and there is no limits to the support you get from the department in order to achieve your objectives. Finally I am proud to be a graduate from a German university and I know that this master will give me a better future.

Wish you all a bright future.

Abdulrahman Wael Dandachi from Syria










GaurangStaying and studying in Dortmund has been a unique experience for me which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Hi, I am Gaurang Shah from Mumbai, India. I graduated in December 2006 with M. Sc. degree in“Automation and Robotics”, specializing in Process Automation. Staying and studying in Dortmund has been a unique experience for me which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Dortmund is one of the rapidly growing cities gaining its popularity in the state of North- Rhine Westphalia (NRW). Apart from being famous for its beer, what’s unique about Dortmund is that it has a good mixture of international crowd which come from India, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Columbia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Sri Lanka, Spain, etc. There is a very good transportation network and there is Dortmund airport as well. Secondly, Dortmund is close to several famous destinations like Duesseldorf, Köln, Hannover, Aachen, Brussels and Paris. The University of Dortmund is quite big and it’s one of the few places in Germany which has a sky-train connecting the North campus with the South campus of the University. The University library is quite big and there are several PC-pools with internet access for students.

My M. Sc. course was interdisciplinary with interaction mainly between the dept. of Electrical Engg. & Information Technology, dept. of Biochemical & Chemical Engg., dept. of Mathematics and dept. of Mechanical Engg. There is a wide range of electives to be chosen from and a possibility to add more depending on the feedback from students. One can specialize in Robotics or Process Automation by taking an appropriate number of related courses/electives offered by the distinguished Professors. I did my final year Master thesis in the Chair of Process Control Laboratory headed by Prof. Engell. The whole academic faculty and the staff of this Chair have been very supportive and encouraging. I must admit that working for this Chair is highly demanding in terms of quality and the amount of work. But this also has the effect, for good, that it tries to bring out the best in you. You tend to become mature not only technically but also socially. This also is true from my personal experience with my 2nd thesis supervisors and mentors Marten V¨olker, Christian Sonntag and Ernesto-Elias Nieland. The Chair is a member of European project on Hybrid Control,

HYCON, and so one has exposure to several events within HYCON. Regular get-together for Monday breakfasts, Christmas trips, Summer trips and several other events make this Chair a good place to work. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and look forward to seeing some of you working for this Chair.

Gaurang Shah from India




WasaytahirDynamic lectures and Seminars, amazing professionalism of the faculty and more, that's the A&R program

I feel really priviledged to ba an alum of the Technical University Dortmund. I completed my graduate studies in July, 2011 doing M.Sc. in Automation and Robotics (A&R) with specialization in Processs Automation. The social lif and academic activities in Technical University Dortmund made this journey eventful and pleasant; this is an excellent opportunity to share my wonderful experiences.

Being from Karachi, which is the largest city of Pakistan, it is not a general tendency to go to Germany for higher education. I chose Germany and explicitly the international Masters program of A&R at TU Dortmund on the basis that all the courses were being taught in English, is was financially affordable, in accordance with my career goals, well structured and involved distinguished and respected faculty from different departments.

I can still remember, landing on foreign soil for the first time, coming out of Düsseldorf International Airport and being welcomed by my seniors. From that point onwards, a new epoch of personal and professional development started.

Wasay Tahir, Pakistan


























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