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Application and admission criteria


The upcoming application period is supposed to show some changes which are about to be decided by the board of examiners. Please keep tuned in. Tentative publication of relevant changes is by end of this year (2018)

Link to application portal

Our online application is accessible from 1st of February  to 15th of March each year. Documents supporting your application then have to be uploaded for inspection.


Please don't send in hardcopies of documents. All mandatory documents will be checked in originals or certified copies during the inspection at the enrollment.

Things to note

  • Please don't send hard copies of any kind. Originals or notarized copies will be used in the visa process or during enrollment.
  • There's no "update", once you have sent your application, it will be processed as it is.
  • There's no status report of your application before decision.
  • There's no email confirmation, just the presentation of your application ID at the end of the application process.
  • If you are studying in your final year, send all marks as collected so far. In this case we need a statement of tentative completion date which MUST carry the full title of the degree you are aspiring to reach.
  • If you haven't completed your thesis yet or if your course doesn't use a final thesis, leave the respective field as "0"
  • Questions regarding items listed here will not be answered.
  • LANGUAGE CERTIFICATES EXIPRE: Make sure that your language proficiency test is newer than 15th of March 2019. Any older certificates will turn void on that date and can not be used for further applications!


    1.    Your degree certificate: (Bachelor of Science/Engineering or Sarjana I, Mühendis, Lisans, Diplôme d'Ingénieur d'Etat etc.) This includes notarized copies of the original and an offical transcript to German or English language, furnished by an official translator, if the certificate originals are neither in English or German.
    2.    Your mark sheets of all terms and other records of your academic education in undergraduate studies. These mark sheets must include the grades as well as the credit points collected. Each topic should be clearly identified. This includes notarized copies of the original and an offical transcript to German or English language, furnished by an official translator, if the certificate originals are neither in English or German.
    3.     One of the following language certificates:
      •     Bachelor degree issued by an University where the major teaching language is English.
      •     A German 'Abitur'
      •     Copy of the TOEFL Certificate with minimal scores as follows

                  1. CBT: 213

                  2. PBT: 550

                  3. IBT: 80

      •     Copy of IELTS Certificate, academic module (min score 6,5)
      •     GRE, achieving at least 60% in all sections (may be used as a supplement only)

      The ETS institution code (TOEFL) for sending resuls is 6292.

      The ETS institution code (GRE) for sending resuls is 7866.

    4.       Proof that your curriculum has covered (Note: to be counted, courses must have been passed at a minimum level of "C" or  65% or whatever is appropriate in your grading scheme) (see note below):
      1. at least 10% of marks gained in academic math.
      2. at least 6.6% of marks gained in computer systems/programming (no matlab)  courses.
        (make sure to send your most up to date transcript, including an indication of the workload per class, e.g. hrs/week, credit points etc.)


Item 4 in general will be derived from your transcripts and does nor require a specific document. As a consequence of "4" admitted candidates are assumed to have substantial proficiency in programming which is necessary in the mandatory lectures to follow and understand the content.

Furhermore, please send

      • Miotivation letter
      • Letters of recommendation
      • Explanation of your grading system (if not included in your mark sheets)
      • Proof of scholarships (if any)
      • All other documents which you deem to show your achievements

Please note: A general certificate of participation in a language course is insufficient for the purpose of application. Only qualified certificates which indicate the proficiency level by standing a final examination will be accepted!



Each year we accept applications online from 1st of February to 15th of March!

We thank you for your interest!