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Mark Calculator

Mark calculator & tentative Evaluation

This page helps you to find the German equivalent garde with respect to your academic achievements. Please enter all the data as available from your degree issuing university:
  • CGPA (cumulated grade point average)
  • Percentage of marks gathered
  • Grade in your grading system
  • Please convert grades like A, B etc. to numerical values
    (see example below)
Hint for operation:
please fill in all necessary form fields and click on "Process" afterwards. Just pressing "enter" will reset the form and clear all your entries.
Marks Gathered
Please enter your individual marks which were reached.
(Use two decimal digits as precision)
Best Marks (theoreticsl)
Please enter the BEST grade which would be available in your grading system.
Pass Marks
Please enter the MINIMUM marks which would have been required to get your degree.

Studies are still
Check this box if you are loooking forward to finish your degree while an application would be in progress. Please note the following:
  • The ranking of your application for admission will consider a study duration of 8 terms (4 years) for a bachelor degree as default.
  • For each term still missing we are forced to take into account some safety margin.

Equivalent German Grade

Color Scheme

Admission possible.
Admission possible, but restrictions apply.
Individual processing must be done, admission unlikely but possible
Admission typically impossible

To convert non-numeric grades into a numeric grading scheme as being used by this tool, please follow the steps below:
  1. List all the available grades in your system, starting from the best at the top to the first one which would not grant passing.
  2. Enumerate this list, starting at the best grade
  3. Use index "1" as "best mark" in the fields above
  4. Enter the index which is associated to the mark required for passing as "minimum" mark in the fields above
  5. Enter the index associated to your personal achievements at "marks gathered" and the press "Process ..."
Examples: Converting gradeas

Conversion for grades ranging from A to F is done as follows:
A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6

Conversion for grades ranging from A+ to F is done as follows
A+=1, A=2, A-=3 B+=4, B=5, ... , F=11
legal remark
The results of this calculator only give tentative indications for your chances of admission for the course M.Sc. Automation & Robotics.
Even a positive result does not constitute any claim to get an admission.