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Goals of the program

Goals of the program

The ongoing proliferation of automation and control technology is one of the key concepts to exploit new fields of applications, basically i all parts of our daily life. The results of this research branch become visible in the multitude of embedded systems which are nearly ubiquitious, ranging from high end technology products like smart phones or cars to even commodities like fridges or microwave ovens. In an industrial setting modern logistics telecommunication, manufacuring processes or in security systems autonomous controls operate a machinery with ever lowering human interaction.

Automated systems, of what ever kind they may be, have already turned to key components for the success of modern companies. Robots, as a special form of automatons, usually add mechanical and kinematic interaction to the intelligence of the embedded system. They are thus the preferred candidates to take over dangerous jobs or operations in hazardous areas.

The demand of engineers to develop, maintain and improve such systems has been and is growing constantly.

Information and communication technologies support the interconnection of the other main directions of the program. The M.Sc. program "Automation & Robotics" teaches the mandatory prerequisites for a successful carreer in the areas of automation, control or robotics in the IT age.

As a complement to the technical and scientific education so called "soft skills" have a vital role during the education of future engineers. In this regard special courses in the M.Sc. program are designed to enhance project management and communication skills.)

Career opportunities

Engineers with a degree in M.Sc. A&R affiliate with research and development as well as in design of production in a wide range of companies for automobile, chemical to avionics industries and in many other fields.