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Bachelor and Master Programmes

In the course of the "Bologna Process" the universities of over 40 European countries have decided to create an uniform European academic region by introducing Anglo-American two-stage studies with the degrees Bachelor and Master (of Science, Engineering etc.). The aims are on the one hand to facilitate the mobility of students, graduates and lecturers as well as the institutional cooperation beyond national borders, and on the other hand to increase the international orientation, profile and attractivity of the European academic region. Therefore all final degrees are going to be harmonized until 2010.


The faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of  TU Dortmund has completed the reorganisation of all study programmes with the Bachelor as the first degree after three years of study, and the Master after another two years of study. The different offered programmes are displayed in the figure below. A variety of Bachelor and Master programmes are available. Please check the current state of the study programme which you are interested in. Registration to a diploma programmes are yet possible for students changing university and starting with semester 2 and upwards.




For detailed information see page "Study"