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Course Information

Information abstract

  • Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.) in "Automation and Robotics"
  • Teaching Language: Englisch
  • Duration of Program: 2 years including 6 month thesis work
  • Intake: October each year
  • Tuition fees:  none
  • Social insurance (incl. public transportation):  299,22€ per Term, starting Octobre 2019


A short program description

The M.Sc. Automation & Robotics Program is interdisciplinary and convers all relevant areas which contribute to this field. This is accomplished by valuable contributions of many faculties, namely the Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik (EIT), Maschinenbau (ME), Informatik(CS), Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen (BCI), Mathematik (Math). As a surplus, renowned research institutes as the Institut für Roboterforschung (IRF) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Logistics (IML) contribute to the educational offers in the program.

The first study term comprises basic subjects, intended to install a high common knowledge level for all students which may have their roots in different parts of Engineering. The next two terms are dedicated to eligible subjects which each student may select in favor of own interests and toward the selection of a major in the framework of the module structure of the course: Robotics or Process Automation.

Each major makes some modules mandatory while the others can be used a supplementary. A variety of lab courses and experiments conducted as part of the lecture classes enrich the education and offer plenty of opportunities to get into touch with cutting edge technologies. A major asset in tehh second year of studies is the so called project group which makes the successful team building of group members a must to reach the ambitious goals of these small scale research and engineering projects.

The degree "Master of Science" will then be rewarded when the student has finished the studies by successfully conducting an individual research project in the master thesis which takes about 6 months to complete.


Course plans

The study course comprises several modules, each of which is constructed from one or multiple subjects. All subjects in a module contribute to a common topic of a particular brach of teaching and research.

Modules are assigned to one of the following categories, namely

  1. Mantadory modules
  2. Elective Classes

The list below summarizes the structure of all modules and their (tentative) assignment to the different terms of studies.

For each successful examination the candidates are rewarded by marks and credit points. If enough credits in a particular module have been collected, this module is considered to be successfully passed.

The major selected by a students is defined by selecting the appropriate modules during the curriculum. Either Robotics or Process Automation may be chosen.

The M.Sc. course is considered completed successfully if enough credit points have been collected and ALL mandatory modules for one of the particular majors have been passed.

Click to the individual subject names to retrieve an PDF file with detailed information.